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Cottontail opened May 22, 2021! We were open last summer through all three phases of the Governor’s regulations and health guidelines. We will continue to follow all state and health department COVID protocols. We have been planning and preparing all winter and are staying on top of requirements and best practices for a wonderful, safe summer.  Learn more on our COVID page.

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    Current Bond Annual Dues
    $475 + $75 refundable volunteer fee = $550

    Associate Member Annual Dues

    $550 + $25 administration fee + $75 refundable volunteer fee = $650

    New Bond Purchase

    $500 one time bond purchase + $475 annual dues + $25 administration fee + $75 refundable volunteer fee = $1,075

    2021 Membership Information

    New Member Registration for the 2021 swim season at Cottontail!

    To begin your 2021 registration, please read the information below and choose your membership level.  Fill out the online registration form and send in your payment to start the fun! 

    Cottontail Swim and Racquet Club offers two types of Membership:

        -  Regular (also referred to as Bonded) Membership
        -  Associate Membership (Annual)

    What are the differences between the two types of membership?

    Annual Fees
    Regular (or Bonded) Members purchase a bond that entitles them to lower annual fees for both the summer season rate as well and any costs related to swim team and tennis team.  With an Associate Membership, there is no initial bond purchase but the annual membership rates are higher. When purchasing a bond, the initial investment in the bond is offset with a few years of membership and participation in other activities, such as swim team or tennis team, as they offer lower fees to bonded members.  

    Guest Fees & Pool Parties
    All members are welcome to bring guests to our pool at anytime.  Regular members receive 10 guest passes each season with their renewal.  Associate members receive 5 guest passes if they pay their annual summer fees before May 1st each year.  Additional guest passes can be purchased at the guard desk.  Both Regular and Associate members can rent and schedule the pool for pool parties. 

    • $3/guest (weekdays)
    • $4/guest (weekends)

    Associate Membership, the 2021 guest fees are: 

    • $4/guest (weekdays)
    • $5/guest (weekends)

    Tennis Court Access
    With an Associate Membership, you may use the tennis courts during the pool season (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day), whereas with a Bonded Membership, you have year-round use of the tennis courts.

    Children's Activities
    Cottontail offers great opportunities for kids!  There are events year-round that are included with both types of membership.  Both regular and associate members can participate in our children’s teams.  With an Associate Membership, application fees for your children joining the Junior Tennis Team and/or the Swim Team are slightly higher than for those with a Bonded Membership.

    If you have further questions, please contact the volunteer in charge of membership, Sherry O'Rourke (membership@cottontailpool.com).


    If you were a member last year,  log in to your account above to renew.
    If you have any unique circumstances, please contact the Cottontail Membership Director at: Membership@Cottontailpool.com  and we will assist you in processing your registration.

    Volunteer fee is to be added to all member registrations fees, which is payable upon registration by all members and can be refunded after the season if the member volunteers five(5) hours (excluding swim team volunteer hours).  You must pay the full amount or your registration will not be approved.

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