There are always volunteer opportunities at Cottontail to help you earn back your volunteer fee while getting involved and having fun with friends!

As a volunteer run pool, it is imperative that members are involved throughout the season and year. We can all make a difference in our space and immediate surrounding community when we volunteer a little of our time. From helping at socials, parties, and events, to sharing your tech, social media, or woodworking skills, lending your hands and handiness to help keep big and small things maintained is so appreciated and makes a difference. There are plenty of tasks to do throughout the summer as well as throughout the year. There is always yard work including weeding, mowing, planting, mulching, blowing off the game deck before events, leaf clean-up, and more.

Many hands truly do make light work! When members volunteer, we don't have to outsource for tasks like lawn care to be done. Volunteer fees are reimbursed in exchange for five (5) hours of volunteering.

Think you have a skill to lend but not quite sure where your skill may be needed at Cottontail? Please share your knowledge and ask! We love hearing about the amazing things our friends and neighbors can do while helping make Cottontail its best. 

Thank you for your time and for making Cottontail a great place for our families!

We work hard to keep the SignUp Genius updated with volunteer opportunities. Please check out the SignUp Genius below regularly for newly added tasks. If you need information on a date not yet listed, have a question or the time to volunteer and don't see a task you know you can help with or that you see needs to be done, please reach out to Matt at Operations@CottontailPool.com or Maintenance@CottontailPool.com. We would love to hear from you and work together to keep Cottontail beautiful! 

Current volunteer opportunities


Mow the grass or weedwhack (once weekly, not during operating pool hours or swim team activities, preferably before 11:00AM). We have a lawnmower and weedwhacker or you may bring your own. 

Blowing leaves (once weekly, preferably closely after mowing the grass). We have a walk behind leaf blower, or you may bring your own.

Weeding. Pulling weeds from around the pool deck, game deck, and tennis courts.  Pulling and/or spraying weeds in the parking lot and sidewalks.



Social Events. Help in a variety of ways to include set up, clean up, selling or preparing food and more. Current Opportunities are below. 

Summer Rocks at Cottontail

Swiftie Swim 

Bostwick BBQ 

Private Party Events Blowing off the game deck before events (preferably closely before an event starts for each event block, as well as soon after mowing the grass). We have a walk behind leaf blower, or you may bring your own.


We welcome all ideas and projects to improve our spaces!

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